Popcorn Tins

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For many of us, the holidays just wouldn’t seem complete without a colourful tin brimming with sweet and salty handfuls of popcorn (just ask the Boy Scouts, who offer them to order annually). Whether you’re stocking your own cupboard for a horde of hungry houseguests, or looking for a foolproof offering for a holiday potluck, this is a great way to package and present your wares. And, as if that weren’t enough, it also makes for a kid-friendly craft.

  • Popcorn (you can check out our best recipes here [link to recipe])
  • Bucket tin
  • Card stock
  • Paper ribbon
  • Gift tag
  1. Pick two of your favourite flavours of (homemade) popcorn in one bucket tin. Any recipes will do, although it’s best to pair sweet varieties with one another, to prevent an unusual mixing of flavours.
  2. Purchase bucket tins at a home store. Then, cut card-stock dividers to fit the diameter and height of the tins. Fill each section up, holding the divider in place and adding handfuls of popcorn, of both flavours, until the tin is full.
  3. Add some finishing touches – ribbon, paper wrapping, gift tags – and enjoy.

Don’t feel like popcorn is the only lovingly prepared food you can package up in these tins! Whether your personal specialty is savoury crackers or sweet treats like biscotti or shortbread, this method is perfect for decorating tins to accommodate all manner of holiday staples. For a gift basket of ambitious proportions, pack up a few of your best baked goods and snacks into differently sized tins. The sampling of various foods won’t soon be forgotten (even if they’re eaten in a hurry).


Photo: Andrea Nguyen via Flickr

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