Sviata Vechera – Ukraine

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Like many Europeans, Ukrainian families’ holiday celebrations circulate around Christmas Eve, and Sviata Vechera, the “holy dinner” lies at their centre. On the evening of January 6, the night before Epiphany, children watch for the emergence of the first star in the eastern sky, and the family dinner commences. In recognition of the country’s agricultural past, a sheaf of wheat, called a didukh, is brought into the home, and the family’s traditional twelve-dish Christmas dinner commences.

After dinner, it is common for families to follow their meal up with Ukrainian carols, either in their homes, or as a part of groups that travel through the community, singing and collecting donations. Although the Christmas Eve dinner is central to the festivities, households await a gifts earlier in the holiday season, when Svyatyi Mykolai (Saint Nicholas) visits to leave treats under children’s pillows on December 19.

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  1. Stan Shack

    December 21, 2013

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    As ayoung lad in Hamilton I recall the carolling;we called on many Ukrainian families

    to sing to them,in four part harmony yet!They in turn offered us treats and drinks;

    except for the designated driver.When we now meet,that is one of the fondest


    Christos Voskress!—–Christ is born!

    Stan Shack

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