The Family of Man

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Founded in 1989, Food Banks Canada‘s original mandate was to provide short-term assistance to those in need. During its early years, the organization’s coordinators had no idea how persistent the demand for food banks in Canada would remain, and since its inception, their operations have expanded significantly. Food Banks Canada is the organizing and representative body for the national network of food bank communities, with member agencies serving about 85% of Canadians accessing essential or emergency food services.

At this time of year more than ever, the need for sustenance and nourishment is particularly acute. As families gather around tables for holiday meals, we’re reminded of the impact that even a small contribution can make in the lives of others. Food Banks Canada coordinates large-scale efforts to do just that, while raising awareness and researching ways to alleviate the burden of hunger from the lives of those in need in our country, and overseas.

With a click of your mouse, you can help them in their efforts. Please take a moment this holiday season to extend a hand to those who need it most.

“However we worship, whatever our clan, We all first belong to the family of man.”

Help others in your own community this holiday season with a donation to Food Banks Canada.